purple skeleton going the extra mile.


this Mandy was so great

edit: this already has a ton of notes but the cosplayer is neckfruit


The worst part about mint for me though is…

I keep giving it chances…

I am like “well maybe this food item will blend well with it and it won’t taste like…FUCK IT STILL TASTES LIKE MINT GOD DAMMIT BLAAARRG”

And it’s always the same. Toothpaste in my food.

Then I am usually like…

"Well I guess I have to eat the whole pint of mint flavored ice cream now because I bought it and I am just glutenous enough not to throw it away…OMNOMNOM"


Making me eat an entire tub of you.


I suppose it wasn’t mint to be.

Drawing Homestuck like the trash I am. And I want to get used to handling more characters in my drawing style.


Ekac nap… Ekac nap… ECAK NAP!!!



Ekac nap… Ekac nap… ECAK NAP!!!



Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along



Dear female anti-fems, please open up your eyes and learn about what feminism really is because it’s ridiculous that you don’t think that feminism is necessary.

I mean really, how can you be a woman and not be a feminist?

It perplexes me.

I am a woman and I am not a feminist. Feminism does not equal gender equality. Is gender equality it’s supposed goal? Sure. But the movement itself is not gender equality.

It is simply a means to an end. There are other movements and other ways to reach a state of equality between the sexes without feminism.

I personally don’t want to associate myself with the feminist movement because I have seen first hand the negativity that comes from a large, outspoken majority of those who identify as feminists. Are they all like that? No. Has feminism accomplished a lot in the past? Yes. And as a woman, I appreciate that. But I also recognize that it has very much become a toxic movement that I do not at all want to be associated with.

And that’s how I can be a woman and not a feminist.


Edgar Allan Pug :D

There. No more god face. #me #selfie